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Deyle E-Box − The flexible power supply

With our E-Boxes we have engineered a solution which gives our customers flexible power supply. All E-Boxes can be used with the trolley bus bar B, the trolley bus bar D, the plug line S and the festoon cable system F.

The equipment of the E-Boxes can be customized with bespoke assembling:

  • Power outlets with Schuko or CEE sockets, with or without lid
  • Single or twin casing, with or without compressed air connection
  • All units are available in the versions fused, with fault current circuit breaker or as a combination of with fault current circuit breaker and fuse
Produktbild E-Box

Please follow this link for more detailed information or download the product catalogue (PDF file): Deyle E-Box


Automobile Industry, Engine Building, Electrical Industry, Laboratory Technology, Food Industry
Suspendable socket outlet combination in various colors for power and air supply, movable in combination with Trolley bus bar D, Trolley bus bar B and Festoon cable system F.