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Deyle Trolley Bus Bar D − The compact trolley bus bar

The compact dimensions of the Deyle trolley bus bar D fit anywhere - especially where space is concise, like in laboratories, colleges, workshops or smaller rooms. The bar itself is made of galvanized sheet steel with a plastic profile inside.

The original Deyle bus bar trolleys convince with their virtually indestructible plastic rollers and their double-contact current collectors for a reliable power supply. The sturdy design allows for suspension spans of up to 3 metres, ensuring optimal load bearing capacity and minimised installation costs. We can deliver the bus bar in any RAL colour you request so that it perfectly matches your interior design.

Produktbild Strombahn D

Please follow this link for more detailed information or download the product catalogue (PDF file): Deyle Trolley Bus Bar D

Technical specifications

Deyle Strombahn D Technische Daten
Designation DAN 5-25 DAN 3-50 DAN 5-50 DAN 5-80
Amperage 25 A 50 A 50 A 80 A
Voltage 230/400 V 230 V 230/400 V
Number of poles 3+N+PE 1+N+PE 3+N+PE
Copper cross-section (mm²) 2,8 12 12 16
Protection class IP 23
Standard DIN VDE 0660 T.502, IEC 439-1 and -2 EN 60439 Part 1 and 2 DIN 57100
Nominal voltage 500 V
Nominal current of trolley 16/32 A
Standard lengths 4 m, 1 m
Customised lengths 0,3 m to 4 m
Suspension span 2–3 m (recommended: 2 m)
Housing profile Steel, sendzimir galvanized
Inside profile PVC 75
Temperature range -30° to +50°
Colour Powder-coated, all RAL colours


Automobile Industry
Steel capsulated miniature trolley bus bar (max. 50 A) with bus bar trolleys (max.32 A) for movable power supply in the pre- and final-assembly room.
Engine Building
Steel capsuled miniature trolley bus bar for the movable energy supply at workbenches and smaller machines.
Electrical Industry
Steel capsuled miniature trolley bus bar with E-Boxes for the movable energy supply of mounting devices in enclosure construction and small electric devices assemblage.
Gate Plant Construction
Steel capsulated miniature trolley bus bar as transformer for switch bar signals (min.24 V required).
Crane Technology
Cable tracks, cable trolleys, trolley bus bars provide movable energy supply for all longitudinal and bridge cranes.
Laboratory Technology
Steel capsulated miniature trolley bus bar as movable powersupply above worktables in laboratories. Combinations with socket outlet combination E-Box.
Textile Industry
Steel capsulated trolley bus bar (max. 50 A) with bus bar trolleys (max. 32 A) for spreading- and cutting machines.


Examples of installations from all industries

Deyle trolley bus bars convince at most different places of use, like in the automotive or textile industry, in workshops as well as in schools or laboratories. Just everywhere where safety and efficiency are called for.

Referenzbild 1 Strombahn D
Vocational College - Donaueschingen
Referenzbild 2 Strombahn D
Vocational College - Donaueschingen
Referenzbild 3 Strombahn D
University Hamm-Lippstadt - Hamm
Referenzbild 4 Strombahn D
University Hamm-Lippstadt - Hamm

A small list of our reference projects:

  • Bosch - electric tools, Leinfelden
  • Brunnhuber - cranes, Augsburg
  • German Federal Armed Forces - Penzing
  • Continental - tyres, Hannover
  • Dungs - gas safety engineering, Urbach
  • ebm - electric motor manufacturing, Mulfingen
  • EnBW - power utility, Stuttgart
  • EON - hydropower plant, Landshut
  • FESTO - automation engineering, Esslingen
  • Franciscan Sisters of Schönbrunn - convent, Schönbrunn
  • Fraunhofer Institute - Freiburg
  • Vocational College - Donaueschingen
  • Goethe University - Physics dept. lab, Frankfurt
  • HARIBO - sweets, Bonn
  • University Hamm-Lippstadt - Hamm
  • HILTI - fastening engineering, Kaufering
  • Hornbach - DIY store, Driebergen (Netherlands)
  • HYMER - caravans, Waldsee
  • Indupress - presses for textile industry, Hösbach
  • Intertex Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG - dynamic storage systems, Eislingen
  • JVA - penal institution, Landsberg
  • MEWA-Textilien AG - industrial textiles, work clothes, Immenhausen
  • Miele - electric domestic appliances, Gütersloh
  • NDR - television, Hamburg
  • Porsche - automotive, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
  • Siemens - switchgear cabinet manufacturing, Erlangen
  • Thyssen-Krupp Steel Europe AG - surface engineering, Dortmund
  • Trigema - sports and leisure wear, Burladingen
  • Triumph - lingerie, textiles, Heubach
  • Trumpf - punching machines, Hettingen
  • Waldner GmbH & Co KG - laboratory equipment, Wangen
  • ZF-Friedrichshafen AG - transmissions, Lemförde