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Deyle Switch Bar K − Safety for people and goods

Deyle switch bar guarantees safety. Flat, robust and absolutely reliable, it is the best solution for the clamping protection of shearing edges, that is for any monitoring task.

The principle is as simple as brilliant with bar and control unit monitoring themselves. It is only when damaged or with a defined touch that a signal is transmitted to the control unit. The system allows you to lock, for instance, shearing edges at gates, self-propelled industrial trucks or production facilities to reliably prevent human injury or material damage.

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Please follow this link for more detailed information or download the product catalogue (PDF file): Deyle Switch Bar K


Automobile Industry
Person safety of self-propelled industrial trucks.
Engine Building
Protection of shearing edges of lifting tool devices.
Gate Plant Construction
Switch bar protects gates against obstruction.
Food Industry
Safety while cleaning a filling hopper (power-off triggered by body pads on the edge of the filling hopper).


Examples of installations from all industries

Deyle trolley bus bars convince at most different places of use, like in the automotive or textile industry, in workshops as well as in schools or laboratories. Just everywhere where safety and efficiency are called for.

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